Aug. 3 – What about when things don’t work out?

Charlene Moore, July 2016

It’s raining, pouring really, and I was nearly physically assaulted while at my job, yet all I can think about while my fingers shake is in which way I would use the power, if I had it, to know exactly what the people around me were thinking. Would I use it against them for personal gain, or perhaps use it for the benefit of us both? I’d like to think it was the latter, but I know for a fact we as humans can’t help but at the very least consider selfishness once. Me being the way that I am, I firmly believe the universe has created a path to which we lead for ourselves, which includes a sort of communal connectedness. In some way, one or another, we are connected whether by physicality or spirituality. Sometimes we are tied with both. Sometimes we feel only one side. I also believe our actions encourage the outcomes we face. You assume one thing will happen, so you put your thought, energy, and time into this thing. Voila! It has happened. Was it because you put yourself into this outcome, or was it just the way things worked out? I have a difficult time deciphering between the two, and thus making it difficult to decide whether or not something is my fault.


Jan. 6 – Slip into your skin and stay a while

Selfish: devoted to or caring only for oneself;concern primarily with ones own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others

I feel we often don’t credit enough to those with the ability to confidently claim selfishness. Selfishness has this red tape labelled “Bad” across its chest, but I feel that sometimes we need to breathe this in in order to fully take care of ourselves.
You can be and claim selfishness without letting it consume you.

I am a good person.
My intentions are pure.
This I am confident in.

Am I a selfish person? Not enough in regards to myself. If I were, though, is this a bad thing? Well, that depends on to what use I give my selfishness.

I need to look at the bigger view and widen my vision, my perspective.

In order to take care of ourselves
we must lessen our shame in doing so.