May 9 – the senses: touch, sound, sight, and common

and she rests in the afterglow//

throw down your shadow,
we can bathe in the light together.
soak in this heat,
naked embracing
they are but bodies, dear.

like a flower turned to the sky,
you will open up in time.

{written on November 10th, 2016}


July 10 – Ignite your inner dance and move until your spirit aches

Charlene Moore, May 2016

Being afraid but doing it anyway. This is difficult. This is also very strengthening, and powerful. This encourages growth. This encourages discovery of your inner self. What does your inner dance sound like, move like? Sometimes mine is hot and full of flame, and sometimes it is lukewarm and caressing and sweet. Sometimes it is dark and heavy like molasses. Recognize these. Let yourself feel them – and then let them go.


May 4 – An abundance of almost sappy sounds


I feel I have come upon an infancy to which I am experiencing for the first time; learning about people and places, how to do things and, most importantly, how not to do things. In which way do we go about our lives as oneself when the influence of temporary environment is strenuously hefty? Maybe I am acknowledging this weight for the first time, or maybe I am finally recognizing this as something that is heavy. Our space, the people we interact with, and the activities we partake in are all things that contribute to our spectrum of needs when it comes to our well-being. Sometimes we don’t pay as much attention to this spectrum and other times we hold hands with it a little too tightly. Finding a happy medium is exhausting. Continue reading “May 4 – An abundance of almost sappy sounds”