Jan. 15 – Outcomes are infinite

tumblr_o0k3w0ySuw1tkgxrmo1_1280Red Maple Bust, 2015 – Ryan McGinley


Today I feel powerful.
I feel divine. I am strong.
I feel like I can do and achieve anything.
Because I can.

The truth of it is that I can accomplish anything I set my mind, soul and body out to do. When authoritative figures tell you this at a young age it doesn’t carry much volume. We’re too interested in the happenings around us to realize or acknowledge our own potential.
But when you stop and really process your environment, the Earth, and the truth in the fact that this planet is at your fingertips, our eyes tend to bulge out of our head and our hearts begin to beat with newfound purpose and understanding.

Sometimes this moment comes to us in waves, and sometimes this moment comes to us all at once.
When this moment does come, however often or far between, embrace it. Let it fill your body and warm your toes up to your cheeks. Even if only for a moment, it will be bright and changing.


Jan. 6 – Slip into your skin and stay a while

Selfish: devoted to or caring only for oneself;concern primarily with ones own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others

I feel we often don’t credit enough to those with the ability to confidently claim selfishness. Selfishness has this red tape labelled “Bad” across its chest, but I feel that sometimes we need to breathe this in in order to fully take care of ourselves.
You can be and claim selfishness without letting it consume you.

I am a good person.
My intentions are pure.
This I am confident in.

Am I a selfish person? Not enough in regards to myself. If I were, though, is this a bad thing? Well, that depends on to what use I give my selfishness.

I need to look at the bigger view and widen my vision, my perspective.

In order to take care of ourselves
we must lessen our shame in doing so.