Congratulations! You’ve been bumped up the surgery list

Being anxious is one thing, but acknowledging your anxiety is a completely other state of mind that I have yet to fully explore. I’ve decided as of just over an hour ago that the turning in my stomach and the way I feel like I might barf any second is, in fact, my body experiencing anxiety. And now I’m focusing on letting this anxiety go. I can’t stop the inevitable, and the much needed, but I can try to be more comfortable with it.
I do believe that you can convince yourself of overcoming your anxiety, or nervousness, or worry. It’s as simple as feeling, accepting, and releasing. Easier said than done though, right? I’m feeling really anxious.

When asked if someone would prefer to know the date of their death or not, most people choose the former. Why? Well, for starters, they want to be able to live their lives to the absolute fullest! They’re going to travel, eat exotic foods, experience outside of their comfort zone, fall in love, and tell all their loved ones exactly how much they love them. It makes you think about what their life would be had they chosen the latter. Would they still do all those things? My situation is nowhere near that of a life or death question and answer, but I think about how most would feel, knowing the date of their death, when time begins to move slowly, but the days keep passing, and passing, and passing. Now you’re a month away. Now you’re a week away. Woop! Tomorrow’s the big day. How would you feel?

How do you feel, Charlene?