Oct. 27 – Just Listen

I’ve decided to give up on intentionally sitting down to write poetry and have instead made the decision to simply write what is honest. Going with the flow is quite difficult when you’re constantly planning every second in advance, so I’m going to try and articulate the things I know.

  • You should go out more often and experience, live in the now; not forgetting about consequences, but also not letting them control your actions.
    Who needs a perfect moment when you could create a story of laughter on the foundation of humility and the simplicity of natural mistake? Mistakes are inevitable. Do not create excess space in your mind for the “what if’s”.
  • Self-care is not optional, it is mandatory. Enough with the hypocrisy, listen to your own good advice – take care of yourself. Make time for yourself to just be with yourself. Go back to your favourite place at Diefenbaker park and just sit. Spend two hours with a hot chocolate between your hands people watching in the coziest coffee shop. Put your goddamn phone away for 20 minutes and immerse yourself in silence —
    You wonder why your body chooses the moments it does to start shaking and tense up, but honey, that’s your body saying

I need a break.”

The simplest of favors to ourselves wreak the most havoc when not followed through with, but they shouldn’t be favors.They shouldn’t be treats or nice gifts to ourselves on a Friday night spent indoors. This should be regular and consistent. Normalized.

Lastly, leave room in your frame of skin and bones for love, grace, and forgiveness. Embrace these despite your fears.
You’ll thank yourself later.


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