Oct. 27 – Just Listen

I’ve decided to give up on intentionally sitting down to write poetry and have instead made the decision to simply write what is honest. Going with the flow is quite difficult when you’re constantly planning every second in advance, so I’m going to try and articulate the things I know. Continue reading “Oct. 27 – Just Listen”


Oct. 20 – Tumor of Mine

It’s Tuesday.
I woke up this morning thinking it was the middle of the night when it was, in fact, 10:38 a.m. I’d slept through Monday right after I’d gotten home from the hospital, and after I’d voted in the federal election, of course. My mom and I stopped at my old elementary school to vote before we’d surrendered our entire day to the possibility of waiting at the hospital for hours. We weren’t there more than an hour, thirty minutes tops. My mom has a tendency to overthink anything medically to do with my ears, but then again, so do I. I was, after all, the one who’d started crying Monday morning when I couldn’t see what was in front of me, telling my best friend that I was sorry and that I should probably go to the hospital.
We weren’t there more than an hour, thirty minutes tops. Continue reading “Oct. 20 – Tumor of Mine”